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Capri Sun

Worked with some very talented designers, copywriters and developers to create a destination site for CapriSun. The site was a fun place for kids to hangout and explore. It had to be scaleable enough to house future promotions and activities. The inital experience took kids inside the pouch to interact with cool activities such as Burp-o-Grams, funny how-to drink CapriSun guides and a Nickelodeon Naked Brothers Band promotion.


Times Square digital billboard concept for Oreo to support their ad campaign Milk's Favorite Cookie.

Easy Mac

Product microsite and digital media campaign introduced moms to the GINORMOUSLY BIG TASTE of Kraft Easy Mac. We utilized Papervision 3D technology to allow users to select varieties.


Promotional video and digital media campaign concept touting the speed of AT&T network on two new Samsung products.

JC Penney

JCPenney Gift Registry pitch video that helped identify business opportunities a outlined and digital strategy on how to grow that segment of thier business.

Art of the Idea

Identity design for the 2009 Razorfish Client Summit. Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men, was the keynote speaker. The identity had to nod to Mad Men but should also inspire and focus on the future.

Kool Aid

This ridiculous idea came from the directions for a new single-serving product, KoolAid Singles to "Rip It. Mix It. Shake It." We created seperate media campaigns for kids and moms. The kids rich-media allowed them to select popular dance moves and to see Kool-Aid Man "Shake It." The banners directed kids to check out KoolSpace -- Kool-Aid Man's social networking page -- which promoted Kool-Aid Singles and allowed them to see KAM's other moves and free downloads.


Product site for Oscar Mayer Lunchables for kids and parents. The new products featured more wholsome varieties.

Kraft Salad

KRAFT salad dressing campaign to promote the use of extra virgin olive oil in thier products. We created rich-media that allowed users to build their perfect salad and we would then offer up KRAFT salad dressing products that paired well with that salad.


We explored ways to extend the popular Double Stuf Racing League campaign. Some ideas included training materials to help futurelick racers such as the Official Rule Book and an iPhone Dunko app.


GE's NFL Playbook, which outlined GEs' stadum capabilities, was handed out to team owners at the annual NFL Owners Meeting.

True Value

Designed and art directed the photography for the 2006 True Value Company Annual Report.

Burger King

2007 Burger King Annual Report themed a World of Growth. The concept featured the King in growing markets around the world. It also included a perforated King mask in every report.


Bunge Global Overview. Bunge's network of ports, grain elevators, processing, refining and distribution facilities spans the globe.